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To Place An Order:

1.  Please submit a good size and very clear photo.  For example, where the "whites" of the eyes are clearly visible.  Send a photo by email or by regular mail (email me for shipping address) along with any special instructions.   An emailed picture will incur a faster turnaround.   Please remember, the detail of the final portrait is directly related to the quality and focus of the photographs you submit.


2.  Contact me at to discuss details of your desired portrait, (ex. size, head and shoulders, head to waist, full body, clothing detail, background etc.) and final payment price.  

3.  Upon agreement of your portrait’s details, your portrait order will be scheduled and an estimated completion date will be provided.  My turnaround time is approximately 4-6 weeks but will ultimately depend on my current workload.  Once a non-refundable down-payment is made, i'll begin working on your portrait.  


4.  Upon completion, you will be sent a watermarked preview of your portrait via email.  (Keep in mind, digital images never do the drawing justice.)  Once I have your approval, your portrait will then be sprayed with a fixative to prevent smudging and yellowing before shipping.  Once the final payment is made, any submitted photos will be returned along with your portrait and this will complete the sale. 

Important! – Your drawing is a work of art…not a reproduced photograph.  Each drawing is my 'artistic interpretation' of your photograph.


Prices can vary depending on the details of the portrait as well as my current workload. Please contact me for a final price quote at

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